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Created in 2018 by the Regard Caméra Association, Festival CitéCiné, the International Political Film Festival of Carcassonne, is a film festival that caters to both the audience and the citizens that we all are. The sixth edition of the festival will take place from January 11 to 15, 2024.

Built on human and civic values, centered around the passion for the seventh art, Festival CitéCiné sheds light on cinema whose importance and relevance leave a mark on our individual and collective consciousness. While politics is commonly confined to partisan and electoral issues, only artists and their works take the spotlight at Festival CitéCiné, creating a unique moment of cinema and citizenship.

In Carcassonne, we celebrate those who write, direct, produce, and contribute to making this cinema that challenges, questions, and disrupts us. CitéCiné Festival transforms Carcassonne, its city center, and its medieval heritage into a hub for French and international political cinema.
Festival CitéCiné transcends the simple concept of a film festival; it is a unique event deeply rooted in the city of Carcassonne while being one of the most accessible festivals in France. Its screenings and highlights take place in cultural and heritage locations that are emblematic of the city, such as the Medieval City, the Dôme, the Colisée Cinema, the Odéum, and Place Carnot.

Festival CitéCiné's mission is to promote the seventh art while enhancing the economic attractiveness of the region. It offers both the public and its partners a prestigious experience, enjoying national and international recognition. As the only film festival in France entirely dedicated to this theme and welcoming renowned guests from French and foreign cinema, CitéCiné Festival continues its ambitions on both the national and international fronts.


The political film is not limited to behind the scenes and the exercise of power, it explicitly embraces the societal, economic, environmental and even human rights issues that run through our daily lives. At FIFP, we give space to films that question us, contribute to our understanding of the world and enlighten the citizens that we all are. Political cinema is plural, raises questions, debates and discussions. Worn by Charlie Chaplin, Marjane Satrapi and other big names such as Costa Gavras, Michael Moore and Ken Loach, the political film is at the heart of the history of the 7th art. The films we select cross all cinematographic genres: comedy, social drama, fiction, animation or documentary.


With the Occitanie / Pyrénées Méditerranée Region as its first partner, for 5 days in January, the festival transforms Carcassonne, its city center and its medieval heritage, into a city of French and international political cinema. In barely two editions, the festival has brought together the general public, professionals and the media, growing from 5,500 spectators to over 9,000. FIFP is also a leading educational and educational player.

Based on human and civic values, the FIFP was therefore born out of this desire to highlight political cinema, the importance and relevance of which marks us individually and collectively.

In a particularly difficult context for the world of culture in France, the FIFP aspires to develop around three main objectives :

Reach 20,000 public entrances by developing reception capacities.

Amplify the national and international notoriety of the event by strengthening the means of communication.

Strengthen the international dimension by welcoming more foreign teams (US, Asia, Latin America ...).

Supporting the festival means participating in its sustainability while giving it the means to pursue its development and it is also :

Commit to access to culture for all and image education.

To assert itself as a player in strengthening the attractiveness of the territory.

Contribute to the development of local cultural and economic dynamics.

Becoming a sponsor or partner means above all sharing values but also seizing opportunities that meet your objectives : 

By associating with the notoriety of the festival and its guests.

By using the festival as a place to meet and share for your collaborators and clients.

By benefiting from visibility spaces with the public and with institutional and private partners.

For more details or to build a tailor-made partnership, do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your support and interest in the festival!

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